How a curator helped me create a successful market stall.

Have you ever wondered if your presentation skills at market stalls were good? I always thought my layout was enticing to the eye, until one day I met a curator who was at a market stall.

I am not sure if you are aware, but some arts market stalls use curators to oversee market stalls and bring artists retail success.

Curators take responsibility for the presentation of your stall. In other words, your artwork has to reflect their brand.

So when one of them offers to help you, it is a good idea to accept their counsel.

It isn’t enough to come prepared with inventory and credit card readers. Sometimes it is in your favour to accept the help from other professionals who have more experience in the field of curatorship.

I have been rejected from excellent art markets with good reputations in the past because my artwork did not reflect their brand.

The standard of my work had no bearing on any decision not to grant me a market stall. Their letter said I simply did not reflect their brand.

Whatever that meant at the time, (most certainly, it was disappointing) I was not sure how they came to their conclusion. The best thing to do, was not to worry about it and get back on the saddle, so to speak.

Meeting a curator at an art market did help me. I accepted her counsel and watched her tidy my pile of cards so they looked neat.

Soon after, when customers were looking at my stall, they started buying my cards.

Maybe they bought them for my humour, but it was probably the presentation wot dunnit.


Me with Sales Consultant, Kate.