How I learnt to make my own Christmas cards.

A few weeks ago (August 2016), I sat down to draw my designs for Christmas cards. I like creating and branding my own Christmas cards for an October launch. I visited my local printmaking studio to book some screenprinting sessions--a mix of tuition from an experienced printmaker, and screenprinting cards.

Before going ahead, my tutor, Anna Alcock gave me a list of items to buy for screenprinting.

1. Black acrylic paint. 

2. Acetate. 

3. Masking tape

4. Watercolour paper

I went and bought the items from a wholesale art shop, Cass Art, who have several stores in Central London. 

I should point out none of the items on the list (except masking tape) are cheap.

Now I was set to start screenprinting. But first, Anna gave me a quick lesson, especially in holding the squeegee (which spreads the equal mix of half a cup of acrylic and acetate onto the polyester screen). Like holding a butter knife was how she described it. 

So, with that advice I more or less took to screenprinting like a duckling to water. Soon after a few prints, my cards were looking impressive. I loved the stark autonomy of black line. 

And over three days, I printed 200 cards (correct number) . All that remains is the branding and packaging for the October launch.

Thank you, Anna for your help and tuition. I learnt a lot more than I thought. Most importantly, I enjoyed myself.